Pressure Washing In Rockland Country, NY

Spring has Arrived!

The season of renewal has arrived, and it’s time to refresh your home’s exterior. From the driveway to siding, and windows, there’s so much to be done that you should consider calling in the calvary! 

All Washed Up is a family-owned cleaning business and your ideal ally for such situations, providing you with the industry expertise and washing solutions to usher in the pleasant spring vibes during the annual transition. 


Spring Cleaning Without Missing a Spot 


All Washed Up’s specialists highly recommend a thorough house wash for your spring cleaning needs. As wondrous as the season might be, it’s also the time of year when allergy-inducing pollens flood the air, courtesy of the gorgeous blooming flora. 

Our advanced house washing service eliminates dreadful environmental pollutants (including pollen) from your exterior, so they stay clean, presentable, and hygienic for all occupants. 

Don’t forget your driveways, pavers, and pavements while you are busy restoring your property’s facade! Your hardscape braved the rigors of winter, and spring is the perfect time to spruce up their surfaces with a deep clean. All Washed Up offers concrete cleaning services that eliminate the most stubborn stains to regain the brilliance of your installations. 

We suggest topping off your spring cleaning sessions with controlled pressure window washing. Spotless windows will let you and your loved ones enjoy the full splendor of spring, as the sunlight illuminates your interior to create a positive and vibrant mood. 


Reach out to All Washed Up to have us handle your spring cleaning needs while you enjoy a well-deserved break.