House Washing

As one of the most popular services at All Washed Up, house washing is a service we do best. We use the effective house washing technique of soft washing to keep your home look pristine while staying protected from the harsh force of high-powered pressure washing.

That's where house washing services come in handy.

House Washing In Rockland County, NY

Why You Should Have Your House Washed

Over the years your home accumulates dirt, algae and whatever else mother nature can cover it in. Having your home washed every few years is the best and the most affordable way to keep it looking great. The term "power washing" is just that a term. With all the advances in the power washing industry we do what is referred to as "Soft Washing " or '"low pressure house washing". Having the right equipment allows us to clean your home in the safest and most efficient way as possible.

We Clean Your Home The Right Way

We have your best interest at heart. Using high pressure is never, ever needed to wash a home. It can cause serious damage and turn what should be a good experience into a nightmare. When we wash a home we start at the gutter surface and end at the foundation. We also remove the black streaks on your gutter surfaces the best we can using a scrub brush.


All house washes come with a 1 Year Guarantee!

Prices start at just $299 + tax.