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Roof Cleaning

Does Your Roof Have Black Streaks?

Unfortunately those black streaks on your roof are not just dirt and wont wash away when it rains. It is the beginning stages of mold and algae growth and it will only get worse, not better. Left untreated the algae will grow and take over your roof and attach itself to your shingles. Having your roof cleaned is a lot more affordable than having it replaced down the road. Our roof cleaning service is guaranteed to remove those nasty black streaks and mold buildup safely and effectively!

A No-Pressure Solution

We never use high pressure to “blast away” at your roof. We have the right equipment & use very little to almost no pressure at all to clean and treat your roof. Don’t let unsightly stains damage your home’s curb appeal.  We offer a 3 year spot cleaning warranty. Rely on All Washed Up Power Washing and Exterior Cleaning for thorough roof cleaning. Your roof will look new by the time we’re through. Typically Roof cleaning prices start at $475 for Ranch style homes.

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