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Low Pressure House Washing Starting at ONLY $299!

wood deck restoration


Is your wood deck grey in color? Does it have algae and mold on it? Is the current stain fading away? If so, then it is time to bring it back to life. All Washed Up Power Washing and Exterior Cleaning specializes in Wood Deck cleaning, staining & repair.

roof washing

NO Pressure ROOF washing

Get rid of those nasty black streaks! Our no pressure roof washing service is not only safe for your roof’s shingles, but is also backed by our no nonsense, three year guarantee! Call All Washed Up Power Washing & Exterior Cleaning today.

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All Washed Up Power Washing and Exterior Cleaning located in Rockland County, NY is owned and operated by me, John Devine. Customer satisfaction is most important to me. I have been in this industry for over a decade and putting 110% into each and every job is what allows me to continue to service my customers year in and year out. Thank you for considering me for your up coming cleaning project.

Thank you for considering All Washed Up Power Washing and Exterior Cleaning for your exterior cleaning needs. Your property is treated with nothing but respect and utmost care. – John Devine

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Why Rockland County Chooses All Washed Up

  • Better Business Bureau Accredited
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  • Roof Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
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Nothing Beats Power Washing For A Cleaner Exterior

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your home here are three reasons why you should consider having your home professionally power washed (click each to read more):

1) Aesthetic Appeal

Pressure washing instantly improves the visible appearance of the concrete and siding around your home. Dirt, grime, spots, and more can be effectively erased with just one professional power washing treatment. When performed by qualified professionals, power washing immediately removes dirt and dust buildup, leaving a noticeably brighter appearance and increased curb appeal!

2) Safety and Health Precautions:

Overtime, a your home’s exterior will accumulate dirt, grime, moisture and other contaminants that provide a perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew and other unsafe pollutants. Mold and mildew can buildup and cause increased allergies and unsafe conditions for people with certain breathing problems. These contaminants are health hazards and will only get worse unless treated right away. A program of regularly scheduled power washing can reduce or eliminate the rate of mold and mildew accumulation on the siding of your home. Living in a clean, contaminant free home will contribute to a much healthier immune systems for everybody there.

3) Preventative Maintenance:

Along with the health hazards from mold, mildew, and dust accumulation, these and other contaminants also influence the durability and stability of a the building materials of your home. Regular pressure washing can eliminate the threat of wear and tear, protecting your home for the long-term and drastically reducing costs associated with the repair and replacement of your building materials.

How To Choose The Right Pressure Washing Professionals

  1. Do they use the right technique to clean your home?
    Using high pressure is never, ever needed to wash a home. It can cause serious damage and turn what should be a good experience into a nightmare. When we wash a home we start at the gutter surface and end at the foundation. We can also remove the black streaks on your gutter surfaces using a soft brush and proper detergents.
  2. Are They Insured?
    At All Washed Up we carry a $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance policy for your peace of mind.
  3. Does a contractor have to come to my home to give me a quote?
    Not at All Washed Up of New York! You can request a Free estimate right on our website

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